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  • OPEN! 4th Switzerland-Sweden Call for R&D Project OutlinesLaunch date September 8 2014
    4th bilateral "Switzerland-Sweden Call for R&D Project Outlines" within the EUREKA & EUROSTARS programs.
    Matching the most innovative 37 SMEs, 11 MNEs, 19 research institutions, 149 one-to-one meetings, hosted at the EMPA Academy in Dübendorf
  • Innovative Materials Networking Conference 2014 October 2, 2014.
    Matching the most innovative Swiss and Swedish SMEs, MNEs, research institutions to foster bilateral market oriented research collaboration within Innovative Materials. Co-hosted by CCMX at the Starling Hotel at EPFL in Lausanne.
    An exclusive B2B investment and networking conference hosted in Zurich.
  • Innovative Smart Systems Networking Conference 2014 April 1, 2014.
    Matching the most innovative Swiss and Swedish SMEs, MNEs, research institutions to foster bilateral market oriented research collaboration within Innovative Systems. Hosted by the CSEM in Neuchâtel.
  • EUREKA INNOVATION EVENT 2014 November 19, 2014.
    Inviting innovative companies from Europe, South Korea, Canada and South Africa for a day of networking in Basel. Focusing on marked oriented research collaboration within ICT, Med- & Biotech as well as Industrial Technologies. Inspiration, partnering and funding. Download invitation here.

Fourth Bilateral Swiss-Swedish Call for R&D Project Outlines

OPEN: The fourth bilateral “Switzerland-Sweden Call for R&D Project Outlines” within the EUREKA and EUROSTARS programs. Funding of market oriented Swiss-Swedish R&D projects focusing on life science and smart materials. Launch date: September 8, 2014.


Innovative Smart Materials Networking Conference

Are you as an MNE, SME or research institution intersted in meeting your most innovative counterparts with the aim of establishing bilateral market oriented R&D collaboration. Join the conference in Lausanne on October 2, 2014.
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Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative

Switzerland and Sweden face common challenges in our high-tech industries. Both countries need to be constantly innovative and improve their production systems to maintain a high degree of domestic industrial base. Being two of the world leaders in innovation, Switzerland and Sweden form natural partners in tackling these tasks.

SWII is a joint bilateral initiative with the overall objective to increase market oriented high-technology R&D projects between Switzerland and Sweden. Issuing bilateral calls for R&D project proposals and organizing networking conferences, SWII has catalyzed the creation of bilateral R&D consortia conducting close-to-market projects. Until today, more than 17 projects with a total project value of some 20 million Euros have formed in connection to the SWII activities.

The initiative is a result of the good bilateral relations between Swiss and Swedish research organizations and academia, companies and innovation agencies. It is also a direct spin off to the four Research and Technology Workshops conducted in 2009 and 2010 arranged by Business Sweden and Saab in co-operation with Swiss partners.

The steering group behind the initiative consists of the Swedish Innovation Promotion Agency VINNOVA, the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation, Business Sweden and Saab.

Previous events

2 October 2014 
Innovative Materials Networking Conference 2014, Lausanne
Exclusive B2B investment and networking conference.

8-9 September 2014
Nordic Life Science Days, Stockholm
Workshops, matchmaking and networking with the most innovative life science companies.

1 April 2014
Innovative Smart Systems Networking Conference 2014, Switzerland
Exclusive B2B investment and networking conference.

12 Feb 2014 
8th Swiss-Scandinavian Bio-Business Seminar 2014, Zurich 
Exclusive B2B investment and networking conference. 

25 Sept 2013
Innovative Manufacturing Networking Conference 2013, Dübendorf 
Exclusive B2B investment and networking conference.

21-22 Aug 2013
Digital Health Days Stockholm 2013
An arena for setting the future healthcare agenda.

18 Apr 2013 
Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative, Information Session, Stockholm
Joint seminar by VINNOVA and the Swiss Embassy in Sweden.

21 Feb 2013 
Innovative Software Networking Conference 2013, Winterthur 
Funding and B2B networking conference at ZHAW in Winterthur.

12 Feb 2013
7th Swiss-Scandinavian Bio-Business Seminar 2013, Zürich
Exclusive B2B investment and networking conference.

14 Nov 2012
Swiss Pavillion @ MEDICA, Düsseldorf
Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiatie (SWII) presented a networking aperitif and information session.

15 Nov 2012
Sweden Boat @ MEDICA, Düsseldorf
Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative (SWII) invited to a presentation about funding opportunities for industrial, close-to-market R&D projects.