Ninth Swiss-Swedish Call for R&D Project Outlines

The ninth Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative (SWII) Call for R&D Project Outlines is open.

Deadline for submission is 29 November 2019. Consortia participating in the upcoming call should integrate partners from both Switzerland and Sweden. Consortium partners are invited to discuss project ideas with the respective EUREKA Eurostars office before submission.

Previous SWII calls have had a good impact providing finance to, in total, 39 bilateral projects with an aggregated project value of some 48 million Euros. The successful cooperation within SWII has helped to build consortia and provided a platform for an interchange of experience in different fields.


The aim of the SWII calls is to provide applicants:

  • Partnering opportunities
  • Recommendations on suitable EUREKA funding mechanisms
  • Guidance on how to prepare a high quality proposal

The ninth bilateral call is open to all topics of the Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative (SWII), but focuses on Digitalisation.

Supportive measures

In support of the ninth call, the main matchmaking and workshop events are:

  • Digitalisation Conference, 26 September 2019 in Baden, Switzerland
  • Swiss Nordic Bio, 7 February 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland

Detailed information & form for submitting project outline

Detailed information about the latest bilateral call is found here. Project outlines within the framework of the call can be submitted using the EUREKA Project Outline.

Swiss-Swedish outlines will be screened by Innosuisse and Vinnova, the respective Swiss and Swedish national organizations in charge of funding, in line with the funding rules of the EUREKA initiative ( EUREKA is the leading European platform for industry-led, applied, close-to-market research. Submitting partners will be notified of the results within the shortest possible time after the submission (about 2-3 weeks). Partners with approved outlines will be recommended to submit their full applications. Innosuisse and Vinnova will provide support to this end.

For further information contact:

The Swiss EUREKA office at the Innosuisse:

Mr. Janique Siffert (main contact)
+41 58 466 70 70 

Ms. Colette John-Grant (EUREKA and Eurostars)
+41 58 466 77 32

The Swedish EUREKA office at Vinnova:

Mr. Peter Lindberg
+46 8 473 31 93 

Mr. Tero Stjernstoft,
+46 8 473 32 96

Mr. Lars Gustafsson
+46 8 473 32 12

Initiative at a glance

Switzerland and Sweden face common challenges in our high-tech industries. Both countries need to be constantly innovative and improve their production systems to maintain a solid domestic industrial base. Being two of the world leaders in innovation, Switzerland and Sweden form natural partners in tackling these tasks.

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Funding of projects - EUREKA & Eurostars

As a part of the Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative, Switzerland & Sweden regularly launch "Switzerland-Sweden Call for R&D Project Outlines" within the EUREKA and Eurostars programs. 

The EUREKA framework is the leading European platform for industry-led, applied, close-to-market research (

The aim of these calls is to facilitate:

  • Industrial R&D partnering between the most technology intensive Swedish & Swiss MNEs, SMEs, academia and research institutes 
  • Creation of new high tech R&D consortia between our countries & 
  • Funding of market oriented Swiss-Swedish R&D projects

More information about the current Call, can be found on this link.

In support of the calls, industrial R&D partnering conferences are organised.

  • For more info, please see the complete list of past and upcoming events following this link.

Information on the funding mechanisms is available on the following websites:

Switzerland: Eureka Projects:; Eurostars projects: 
Sweden: Eureka projects; Eurostars projects:

Upcoming events

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Swiss Nordic Bio
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