About Promotion Area Smart Factory

Switzerland and Sweden are global forerunners within innovation and a high tech based manufacturing is on the top of both nations’ agenda. In order to preserve a strong industrial base, innovation & strategic industrial R&D alliances & digitalization of the manufacturing industry are a key. Therefore the Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative has chosensmart factories as one of its promotion areas.

Following 5 subtopics are prioritized for Swiss-Swedish R&D projects within smart factories.

  1. Digital & Real Factories(Modelling, simulation & visualization of manufacturing processes & manufacturing factories, knowledge systems supporting decision making etc.)
  2. Transparent Communication(Operator Devices, Sensors, Tags and Codes, 5G, ERP / Vertical Integration of Business Systems with Shop Floor Systems / Horizontal Integration of Supply Chains) 3. Agile Energy System(Smart Grids, Energy etc.)
  3. People in Manufacturing(ICT Support in New Organizational Models / ICT for Skill Development & Decision Support) 
  4. Solutions for Flexible Distributed Production (Autonomous Automation that can adapt to products and people / Automation, Flexible Monitoring)

Sources: Vinnova, SERI, Teknikföretagen, Chalmers, Saab, Swiss MEM

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February, 2022
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Contact person:
Ms. Ulrika Hallström, Project Manager,
Business Sweden Switzerland

Direct phone: +43 699 123 515 30
E-Mail: ulrika.hallstrom@business-sweden.se