About Promotion Area Smart Systems

When it comes to innovative smart systems, Switzerland and Sweden are two of the world leaders. The industry marry SWII focus areas such as life science, software and manufacturing.

The challenge for Switzerland and Sweden is to preserve a strong industrial base. In this quest innovation is key. Work to ensure our countries remain in a leading position within smart systems is therefore important, and new bilateral R&D projects central. Therefore, Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative has chosen smart systems as one of the 2014 promotion areas for Swiss-Swedish R&D co-operation. 

Prioritized thematic areas for joint Swiss-Swedish R&D projects within innovative smart systems are:

  1. Virtual manufacturing & product development including data management, simulation & optimization
  2. Multidimensional sensors, algorithms and controllers within automation
  3. Control- and sensing-systems in production, distribution & buildings within energy-efficiency
  4. Innovative sensors & processing techniques within medical technologies
Sources: Vinnova, SERI, Swedsoft, Teknikföretagen, Saab, Swiss MEM, CSEM



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